Rules & Regulations For Participation

1. The Mumbai leg of Club Badminton Championship 2015 will be open to all clubs, Gymkhanas of Mumbai city, including Greater Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban. Entries from academies will not be accepted.

2. The Championship will be held on 4 consecutive weekends preferably Division 1 matches will be played on Saturday and Division 2 will be played on Sunday.CBC to start from 7th March and Finals will be played on 28th March.

  • a) Matches will be played on league basis and each team to get minimum 3 matches.
  • b) Group winner to play finals in each division.
  • c) Division 1 winner will get to play winner of the other CBC City winner.

3. CBC Will consist of 16 teams, divided into 2 divisions. First year ranking is based on merit through prior club tournament performance.

4. Teams can include only 1 Junior or Senior player who has represented any State,Air India,Universities,Petroleum Board or Railway Board from the calendar year 2012 till 2015.Any such player will be allowed to play only 1match per tie.

5. Your Club/Gymkhana can field one team, consisting of minimum 9 & maximum 10 players, with 2 super substitutions allowed.

6. One non state player as defined above in point no.4 will be allowed to participate in 2 different category matches in a tie. Rest of the team can play only 1 match in a tie.

7. Registered players who are members of Gymkhanas/Club with ID card issued at least 6 months prior to March 2015 can participate in CBC. Outsiders /Non-members will warrant disqualification of the whole team.

8. The matches of the competition will be played on home and away basis. The comprehensive scheduling of matches will be done at the sole discretion of the organizing committee, and will be announced at the championship website.( 10 days in advance.

9. Each tie for"Club Badminton Championship" shall be decided by "Best of Five" matches consisting of three men's doubles, one junior boy's doubles and one mixed doubles. Theorder of play shall be as under-

  • A) Men’s Doubles;
  • B) Mixed Doubles;
  • C) Junior Boy's Doubles;
  • D) Men's Doubles;
  • E) Men's Doubles;

10. New experimental scoring system of BWF,consisting of best of 5 sets of 11 points each,will be adopted for this championship.

11. Team finishing last in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2 and the team winning Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1, for the next year.

12. The caption of each team has to give team's line-up no later than Thursday of the week in which the match supposed to be held.

13. In the event of substitutions,the captain of each team will need to inform the tournament committee of the changes, no later than Thursday of the week in which the match supposed to be held.

14. Any request to change the scheduling of the match (date/time), should be communicated to the tournament no later than Thursday of the week in which the match supposed to be held.

15. TheMumbai leg of The CBC Cup will be a rolling trophy which will be given to the winner and the undertaking for the same will be signed by the Gymkhana's representative.

16. The laws of Badminton as per Badminton World Federation (BWF) shall apply.

17. Juniors( Under 19 ) age eligibility cut off date 01/01/2015.

18. In all the matters of dispute the decision of the committee shall be final and binding on any competitor.

19. The committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without assigning any reason whatsoever.

20. If the name of any player is found in more than one team, the player will be disqualified.

21. It is necessary for all players to their ID Cards during all their matches, and produce it to referee/umpire is called for.

22. It is mandatory for every Club/Gymkhana to give a confirmed list of participating members on the Club/Gymkhana's letterhead stating that all participants are members of the Club/Gymkhana.

23. Entries will be restricted and tournament committee will have the final authority to accept/reject entries.

24. Yonex shuttles will be provided for all the matches and qualified umpires shall be appointed for all the matches.