Club Badminton Championship

The Club Badminton Championship is an initiative that aspires to become the premiere name in league badminton. Managed by Sports United- which is a sports event company with young professionals, the championship will be held from March 8, 2015 to March 28, 2015. Backed by some of the best brands in the world of badminton and also some of the top current Indian Badminton players, the Championship has an extremely attractive prize package totalling Rs. 1 Lakh.

Key features:
  • Annual Championship to be held in March
  • Rolling trophy to be awarded to the winners.
  • 16 Clubs, divided into 2 Divisions
  • Per Division, 2 groups of 4 teams each
  • Each team to play minimum 3 ties, each tie to consist of 3 men's doubles, 1 mixed doubles and 1 junior doubles.
  • Bottom team to be relegated and top team to be promoted in their respective divisions for next year.
  • New shorter version of scoring system (5 sets of 11 point games) to be implemented to make the format quick and exciting.
  • Prize money of Rs. 100000 highest at any club level tournament.

Championship Vision

To create a club level badminton movement that combines the passion, competitive spirit and exuberance of the sport while spreading awareness for the sport as a whole. The CBC hopes to spread to other cities of India to become a nationwide phenomenon that hones the talent of the future sports champions of India.

Using a unique format that is prevalent across club level tournaments in Europe, the CBC is the first of its kind league championship in India which introduces a new and more exciting point format.